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To put it in context, there are likely as many American men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse as there are men who develop prostate cancer, but only one sparks national fundraising efforts and awareness campaigns.

Though more girls are victims of sexual abuse than boys, there have historically been few recovery options for male survivors.

The numbers become even more bleak as you move into less populated areas.

Group support is not the only area lacking resources.

After all, boys are told that being “manly” means never being weak, and certainly never being the subject of sexual abuse.

Sam kept quiet, but the abuse affected him profoundly.

One survivor I spoke with, Robert, struggled to find in-person support when he first looked for it.

“I was overwhelmed, isolated and frustrated,” he recalled. There is a wealth of support and information for female survivors.

Even in major metropolitan areas, support groups dedicated to male survivors — which are a key way for survivors to find healing — are challenging to find.

While there may be dozens of support groups for female survivors within any given big city, there are often less than five for men.

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