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Go get the entire skinny from my pal, Amy Calistri: Betfair Seeks Return of Ill-Gotten Winnings from SNG Software Glitch.Not to get off topic here, but tonight is a big evening for the UFC.I wrote about hand nicknames and they cut out Big Slick. How the hell did I write all those up, year after year? Also, they’ve bombed the Scientology website to #3 for "brainwashing cult" right now. Marketers spend a billion dollars a year targeting influentials.

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They started talking the pro-guns rap you hear in Texas and how everyone should carry a gun, which we already do. Blogger then ate the posts and they had to walk three miles back home, retype the post, and walk three miles back to blogger to submit the post again. Uphill both ways."Waffles It's funny cause it's true.

Then they started talking about this store owner I know we will call Jake. I've always worked in the communication, newspaper, radio, Television, and then university teaching. Iggy and Pauly and Al and all those coming along behind should realize what a magnificent, new thing it is to write your memoirs in the now, as you live them, unfiltered, straight though to readers all over the world. Not sure what anyone thinks of my new short and sweet style of posting, but I'm hoping you enjoy more content, more often. Not to say I won't ever uber again, but I need to shake things up around here. Quick segue: there's been a lot of talk about Google eliminating Google Bombs evidenced of the fact that GW Bush no longer shows up on a search for 'miserable failure'.

They said you always felt safe around Jake because he wore a sidearm. I was immediately outraged and called in and said, "Jake is no poster child for the National Rifle Association because he shot himself right in the head." Awkward silence. You bloggers should cherish the freedom to go straight at the readers right from the heart. Some junior intern edited and cut them up like a boarding house pie. Years later, he was in an actual train wreck and wore a brace all the time and was suing the railroad. Johnny Hughes, author of Texas Poker Wisdom."I worry about our nation--nay, our species--when I spend more than 30 minutes on 2 2. S.--they block crap like this."Mean Gene Holy smokes. I truly wish this Brandi nonsense would go away, but rumour has it that there's a pr0no out there featuring her? I look back at those monstrous uber-posts I used to do and am amazed. Well hell, go Google “dangerous cult” and see who appears #1.

If they weren't already dead, they probably would be before a book worked its way through the glacial-paced world of book publishing. Pauly and Change100 have grand adventures in Australia and we follow them journalistically in almost real time. Johnson, and stopping in Internet cafes to keep us informed.

A certain type of journalistic distance and alleged objectivity meant the writer kept their own selves and opinions out of it. Only a few hep cats like Mark Twain made themselves a part of the story. The writing is unedited, uncensored, and straight you. Pauly and Change100 grab hold of some bar-b-cued kangaroo and some alligator eggs, well, we get pictures and a graphic description of hangovers in helicopters that follow. You choose what to put out there to the whole damn world and what to keep back. Stuff like this happened to college student leaders across the country.

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