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LSV only needed to win his quarterfinal match against Richard Bland at the World Championship to overtake Owen Turtenwald and win the Player of the Year title.He lost 2-3 to Bland, leading to Owen Turtenwald winning the Player of the Year title and LSV taking second place.He finished in seventh place for the 2009 Player of the Year standings with 52 Pro Points.

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LSV still writes for Channelfireball but ended his tenure as editor in 2012 to work as game designer at Dire Wolf Digital.

After his 2011 Worlds top 8 finish LSV experienced a drought of high-caliber Pro Tour finishes although he made it to the top 8 of several Grand Prix in that period.

Eventually LSV managed another Top 8 at Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch in 2016 alongside two of his Channel Fireball teammates.

Also in 2011, LSV was invited to take part in the third annual Magic Online Community Cup.

The Community Cup is a special event held by Wizards of the Coast in which prominent members of the Magic Online community are invited to the Wizards of the Coast offices to play in a tournament against staff.

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