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He says this episode is the one his colleagues find most satisfying to watch because it takes a real-world phenomenon to its most extreme."This is a very different alien society than the one we live in," he says, "and one that has taken our phones and turned them into the built environment." In this episode, the show imagines what might happen if people could record every waking moment of their lives and rewatch the memories whenever they wanted. Finally, a real-life version is living with her and helping to raise her daughter.Hendricks says this is another case similar to "The National Anthem," in which the social commentary on politics often favoring entertainment over substance is much stronger than the technology predictions.

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Hendricks says the episode rethinks the entire nature of society based on the trend of "freemium" mobile games, create feedback loops of desire that keep people coming back for more.

Each person has a permanent contact lens that lets them see a rating beside people's heads and see how ratings influence the score in real-time.

Microsoft's Hololens is the closest analog in today's technology, Hendricks says, even if the goggles are still much clunkier than a sleek contact.

In the pilot episode, terrorists threaten to kill a hostage unless the British prime minister has sexual intercourse with a pig on national television.

"I can't think of anything that wasn't realistic," Hendricks says.

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