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Reason 9: The Evidence of a Worldwide flood Talk about Noah’s Ark and many people today will think you are talking about an ancient myth or mythology.

This is understandable from an atheistic and secular world that reduces the Bible to fable of tribes gathered around campfires.

” disks of space matter, coagulating into a larger and larger mass over time.

This mass of matter then gets locked into orbit around the Sun.

When the Bible refers to a person, did that person exist?The Bible claims to correspond to truth, meaning the events and information contained within its pages are correlated in reality.This means if the Bible refers to historical figures and events, these events can be confirmed in history and time.And if it wasn’t can we really trust what the Bible says? Reason 12: The Bible: Archeological Evidence Proves the Bible Is the Bible the Word of God?Some might respond that the Bible is just a book written by men, a mythology with little truth.

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